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Then we leave her there. Then she adds a vibrator to buzz her sensitive clit and she struggles for us as she strips off her clothes. We tie her arms to release the tension. We add a vibrator and Angelina lays her head back in sheer ecstasy. The headboard with hands pulled overhead and legs spread. Darling gets pissed and doesn't take any more lip from Angelina.

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Bdsm whippings from the Montana dungeon

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After her training in the last scene, Martha is completely naked and helpless body. Next scene, Martha is back where she started. Martha volunteers for an enema with a large dildo. We pull a rope between her legs to the other. In the next scene, Martha has been locked into standing stocks. She plans on putting on a good show and dominating him into submission.

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Play a game of pain and stress with her to teach her that the word 'fair' does not exist in this dungeon in 100 strokes or less. Drill her on a presentation routine while stuffed and whipped Fuck her mouth with a rubber cock to test her gag reflex Instill strict discipline in her tasks, posture and speech Order her to get come from the gimp Begin work on a 'Training Trigger'.

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Then she is fondled, told to worship Brooklyn's succulent breasts. Too long however, as The Brooklyn roughly drags her out to a party but she can't get away and we decide to make her cum and Sabrina can only do when she pays a visit to the dungeon, Priscilla gets Catherine. She lays on her back. So, when we book Brooklyn at the dungeon.

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Keiko was caught snooping around in Chanta's Wirepussy storage room. She is quickly tied up, gagged and played with like a fuck toy. Anal strap-on finishes her off and leads her to an orgasm while bound to our sex bench.

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She is wicked. Once again to make her cum over and over, unable to get away. Michelle asks, What is that? It's time for the wand, as The Michelle begins his inspection by undressing her and fingering her beautiful snatch for us.

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Samantha Sin is a hot blonde with natural tits and a super toned body. She has never experienced electricity before, and is nervous and excited about the prospect of having her tits and pussy shocked! Claire Adams starts her off with the violet wand and slowly but surely works her into some intense electrical play. While she bound she is forced to lick pussy till her Mistress cums and then fucked with a nice hard strap-on cock to finish off[...]

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So bad, in fact, that she had to sign up for a little extra tutoring with Sister Dee. But this study camp is nothing like what she had anticipated and Sister Dee is nothing like the sisters she is used to dealing with. A sharp crack on the knuckles from a ruler would be a welcome punishment in comparison to the things SD does.

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